Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Break in the Weather

Afternoon thunderstorm aftermath.

Everything steaming from the heat and rain.

Weekend oasis.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's take more pictures of wool in 98 degree weather!

I am on a roll. The colors look so good outside and it is so green here it just makes everything pop including the top of the thermometer.  Record 105 heat index here earlier this week and the trend continues.  What am I doing dragging all this wool around?
Well, I guess because it is fun.  And I love color!  Can you tell?  I could live my whole life from here on out just doing fiber things. Too bad we have to work for a living, eh?

This is the first afghan I knitted I used the same wool/silk blend from 
Noro in it that I did the shawls in.  Iro, my favorite yarn for a long time until I discovered the joys of all those other yarns and handspuns and roving and fleeces and then it all went to
 he** in a handbasket after that I wa
s on a fiber rollercoaster.  I could not get enough and I don't know when it is ever going to stop.

Truthfully, I don't want it to ever stop.  I have found more joy playing with wool and silk and alpaca and angora and  all the other things one can make yarn out of than I ever had doing all the other things I did for 40 years to amuse myself. 

 Now I might be going a little too far because the other thing that really brings me joy is flying my little plane in and out of our backyard airstrip.
  I wonder if I can weave , knit or crochet something for my sweet little 16juliet?  A cowl cover perhaps?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and they said I was a child of the 60's?

I don't think the 60's were really my time, I mean I was only in my early teens in 67.  OOps!  Don't mean to tell too much.  Now the 70's I really grooved in the 70's.

Proof positive here I would say in the pictures of my 2 new shawls.  I can't figure out which to use.  I will probably just start over.  It is sad when the only place you have enough room to take a photo is on the floor  because you have got stash piled up everywhere else.   OK.  I have an idea I will take them outside like my friends who have blogs and etsy sites do.

Here is the mistake shawl in close up.  I put double the stitches in that were called for in the pattern.  I will be really warm this winter in it.

Oh my!! Why did I go outside to shoot pictures of wool/silk shawls when it is 89 degrees with 98% humidity?  No one wants to look at shawls now, except me...

Friday, June 19, 2009


This is the newest resident here at the Airporch.  I believe there is another in the nest under our deck.  Can you see all the fiber in this nest?  I wonder where it came from?

Here it is Friday and a lot of time has passed since I last put something down in words.  Work and fiber have kept my hands busy and my wheels turning.  I usually have a knitting date on Friday with my Fibertwin sister, but she is not here today.  So I will have to share with you my newest creations.
I am getting ready early for a show in December.  I want to get a lot of looper rugs done so I can concentrate on my southwestern tapestry weaving.

Looper rugs are the ultimate in recycling.  The loopers are the waste
 materials from the tops of socks made in sock factories.  You can buy them dyed or undyed with a little polyester for stretch or 100% cotton.   The rugs wash and are so durable. They are heavy and wear extremely well.  I am trying to update the look of the rug by making a more modern color palette and a more geometric pattern and even sometimes Southwestern in look.  The green one shown here is a more modern than traditional look.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In the Garden

Another rainy, humid early summer day.  The fruits of the garden and fruit of the loom.  No pun intended...

Monday, June 8, 2009

another day in the clouds

Here I am fresh out of the box, or should I say the woods?f