Friday, December 14, 2012

It's That Time of The Year

It's time to count those blessings.  I am blessed to live in a beautiful place, surrounded by my loving pets a marvelous husband and fabulous friends.  Although I am not nearly as "social" as I used to be I find that I really have a true sense of place here where I live now...and then my husband and I discovered Taos, New Mexico.  We only get to go twice a year now, but we see our future there.  We just returned from our traditional December pilgrimage and we both, I think feel renewed.  We see a wonderful retirement in a few years with an already established group of friends, something we don't really have together here.  I was almost relaxed just about the day before we were to leave, but that is okay.

 I don't relax easily and it had been a more trying than most fall this year.  Home is where you make it.  Home is where your heart feels a certain pulse of contentedness, not the blinding fury of madly in love and can't get enough.  Home is where you don't have to be any certain "way" or someone, where you just are.  Can't wait to be in the place I feel "at home" for the second time in my life.