Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everything is New

 Oh the beauty of New Mexico.  The blues skies and blooming desert plants just at the entrance to the road to our property west of the Gorge combined with the glorious sunsets after a late summer rain call me back again and again to the place I can't wait to call home.

Here are the newest creations coming out of my hands this past few weeks. A really cool mix on this simple roll brim hat.  My friend Martie's beautiful handspun wool combined with Manos merino  to make a cozy warm and beautiful hat that kind of looks like snow, spruce and blue sky.  And speaking of blues, do I ever have them.  At least this time the newest rug is going to be a bit of a different  stripe for me combined with some color blocks that aren't traditional anything.  Traditional me, I guess. Green chile and purple  will be the next colors added to this rug.  Speaking of funky Ozark Fusion I showed you  last time actually took a second place in Ozark Folkways Fiber Festival this past weekend while a cotton looper rug of mine took third.  Pretty cool, huh?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Rug Another Day

I am stuck in this color combination, but I must say this turned out nicely.  I don't think I have enough for a third rug out of this wool, so I am moving on.  I have entered this rug in a fiber competition at Ozark Folkways during their  Second Annual Fiberfest.  I am excited about the prospects.  I just love to put color together.  I already have the next wool rug in my head.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back In The Groove

Well, it seems to be back to the blues and the greens for me.  I didn't plan it that just happened.  I think all of this green around me here where I live and work has done it to me.
It has never ever in the 35 years I have lived here been this lush and beautiful in September.  We have had more rain than I have seen in all that time in the early fall.  My husband's tomatoes didn't even get enough sun to ripen until this past week.

The first shot is the drive to my office.  How green is that!  The next shot is looking in from the front at the morning glory takeover of the twisted hazelnut or Harry Lauder's Walkingstick at our entryway. You cannot even see the tree.
This third shot is the view looking out from the house to the street You still can't really see the tree.  It is there, trust me.

Just a final mention of my beloved Sallyrae.  Here is her final resting place .  She is just outside my office in a quiet clearing where she can watch over me and guard her yard as she loved to do.