Monday, May 30, 2011

New Projects, Lots of Green and a New Family Member

Lots of new things happening in my world it seems. New member to our family came to us this weekend. How quickly we forget what it is like to have a new inexperienced youngster in the family. He is a hoot and and I am hoping our resident "Queen of the House" soon decides to not kill him. Work is very busy for me which has cut short my time on fiber projects, but so be it. I believe I have enough "new" work this year to put in my New Mexico summer show at Ghost ranch that opens the first week in July so I am trying to not be frantic. Socks are flying off the needles and I think my Mother's Day socks for a dear friend went over well. I have started this new piece on the loom and am having a hard time sitting down to it. So much to do it seems like with all of the green around here. The grass and trees and flower beds are bursting with all of the rain we have had the past month. Honeysuckle fills the air with it's summertime sweetness.
We are so fortunate here in our part of Arkansas to have been so close to the Joplin tornado and to not have sustained any damage. The relief efforts from our area are heartwarming and the folks up there have a long struggle ahead of them to put their lives back together. To help the Joplin folks gives several ways to help.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving On...more Fiber Projects and the Dalai Lama

What a week it has been here in my small world. The Dalai Lama spoke Wednesday at the University of Arkansas and I was fortunate enough to be in his presence. It really was a once in a life time opportunity and I am so glad I was able to attend.
New weavings on the wall for sale and a new and unusual for me color combo on the loom in the beautiful Lincoln wool from the Mora Valley Spinning Mill. I feel I am back in the swing of it. Two pairs of socks on the sticks and ideas for more. And of course flowers and lettuce in the garden. Life is good.