Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's take more pictures of wool in 98 degree weather!

I am on a roll. The colors look so good outside and it is so green here it just makes everything pop including the top of the thermometer.  Record 105 heat index here earlier this week and the trend continues.  What am I doing dragging all this wool around?
Well, I guess because it is fun.  And I love color!  Can you tell?  I could live my whole life from here on out just doing fiber things. Too bad we have to work for a living, eh?

This is the first afghan I knitted I used the same wool/silk blend from 
Noro in it that I did the shawls in.  Iro, my favorite yarn for a long time until I discovered the joys of all those other yarns and handspuns and roving and fleeces and then it all went to
 he** in a handbasket after that I wa
s on a fiber rollercoaster.  I could not get enough and I don't know when it is ever going to stop.

Truthfully, I don't want it to ever stop.  I have found more joy playing with wool and silk and alpaca and angora and  all the other things one can make yarn out of than I ever had doing all the other things I did for 40 years to amuse myself. 

 Now I might be going a little too far because the other thing that really brings me joy is flying my little plane in and out of our backyard airstrip.
  I wonder if I can weave , knit or crochet something for my sweet little 16juliet?  A cowl cover perhaps?


  1. Perhaps something like cuffs for the wings, and a nose warmer? (She'll need them when she moves to NM)

    Love your blanket! Any way you can insert your photos so we can click on them to enlarge?

  2. I don't know Sunflower...I will work on the picture thing.