Wednesday, June 24, 2009

and they said I was a child of the 60's?

I don't think the 60's were really my time, I mean I was only in my early teens in 67.  OOps!  Don't mean to tell too much.  Now the 70's I really grooved in the 70's.

Proof positive here I would say in the pictures of my 2 new shawls.  I can't figure out which to use.  I will probably just start over.  It is sad when the only place you have enough room to take a photo is on the floor  because you have got stash piled up everywhere else.   OK.  I have an idea I will take them outside like my friends who have blogs and etsy sites do.

Here is the mistake shawl in close up.  I put double the stitches in that were called for in the pattern.  I will be really warm this winter in it.

Oh my!! Why did I go outside to shoot pictures of wool/silk shawls when it is 89 degrees with 98% humidity?  No one wants to look at shawls now, except me...

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  1. It looks so pretty! Wish I could click on the photos to see them larger. Love your colors....