Friday, June 19, 2009


This is the newest resident here at the Airporch.  I believe there is another in the nest under our deck.  Can you see all the fiber in this nest?  I wonder where it came from?

Here it is Friday and a lot of time has passed since I last put something down in words.  Work and fiber have kept my hands busy and my wheels turning.  I usually have a knitting date on Friday with my Fibertwin sister, but she is not here today.  So I will have to share with you my newest creations.
I am getting ready early for a show in December.  I want to get a lot of looper rugs done so I can concentrate on my southwestern tapestry weaving.

Looper rugs are the ultimate in recycling.  The loopers are the waste
 materials from the tops of socks made in sock factories.  You can buy them dyed or undyed with a little polyester for stretch or 100% cotton.   The rugs wash and are so durable. They are heavy and wear extremely well.  I am trying to update the look of the rug by making a more modern color palette and a more geometric pattern and even sometimes Southwestern in look.  The green one shown here is a more modern than traditional look.

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