Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's Up Tigerlily?

Rugs and flowers everywhere.  The mad weaver is back again with a vengeance.  This weekend 3 rugs off the loom and I already have 1 inch of tapestry started on my new tapestry weaving.  I am using a New Mexico sky color from Rose Vigil in Chimayo and my hands are turning bluer with every pass of the shuttle.  That must be because of the indigo.  I can't wait to  see the effect of the sky turning color with this wool.

Here is one of the new rugs. I seem to have a thing for terra cottas and oranges in the past few week.  Not usually my colors, but these rugs just seem to kind of emerge out of my mind and finger tips.  Sounds strange, I know, but I never know what it is going to turn out like. That's why weaving is exciting to me.  Actually all craft is.  Fiber has a life of it's own.  No two people will follow the same pattern or use the same colors and have their work turn out identical.  It's fun.  And we all need more fun.

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