Monday, July 6, 2009

Off the Loom

Here is a scarf I made about a year ago in Koigu.  I had never used the yarn before, but always admired the colorways and the wonderful scarves and shawl I had seen in magazines and on blogs.  This is my first attempt at any kind of lace pattern.  My fiber twin sister adapted the pattern and I have two more scarves on the needles.

A busy weekend it was here in weaving wonderland.  I finished off five rugs and looped loopers for two more rugs before I start my Southwestern weave tapestry in wool.  Yes that's right wool in 90+ degree weather in July in Arkansas!

Here are two of the rugs.  I am using the deck to see how they look in natural light as opposed to inside.

I am also finishing up a third shawl in a different color palette than I normally use...I am trying to diversify.

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