Sunday, August 4, 2013

A New Thing?

It has always been about color.  Last Christmas when in Taos, I talked my friend Julie, who has Taos Fiber Arts with her daughter/partner Ashley, out of these cool Xmas ornaments she had wound up from Pendleton Blanket Selvedges.  I unwound them this week and made this rug.  It is actually pretty cool.  I had been growing somewhat tired of weaving my looper rugs every year for The Holiday Art Sale and now I have a new kind of different rug from those I see around this area.  I am eagerly looking forward to a new bunch of Pendleton selvedges coming my way.  Who knows? These may become a new staple in my easy care throw rugs.

(the ends will be sewn under and I will post a good picture when they are)

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