Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dog Days of summer they say. It has been over 100 degrees here where I live for at least the past six weeks. Yesterday was the first day of a break at 97. This morning early some rain finally came. All around the trees were dying or going dormant already and the grass was long past gone. As I stepped out the front door this morning everything looked as if it were drinking in the precious moisture.The morning glories held their heads up high and the datura were pristine in the light of a cloudy morning. They say more is on the way. I hope Fall is not too far behind... The new work on the loom reflects the seasonal changes coming. Transitional was the word when I was in another business a thousand years ago...

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  1. I'm glad your weather is starting to break. What a rotten summer it has been for so many. Still no rain to speak of in Taos. Hoping we see winter without any forest fires. XOXO