Monday, October 25, 2010

So Long Chief Pilot...Blue Skies and Tailwinds

Our dog Nellie passed over to the other side this past Friday. She was an independent and feisty gal right up to the end. Nellie loved to fly with her human, my husband, Horst. She occasionally let him do the take offs and landings, but most often was seen at the controls on departure and arrival. She grudgingly put up with all the new critters I brought with me into our marriage and additional ones I added throughout the years. She was an artist at coordinated sleeping and was obviously the Master Sleeper as evidence will show in this string of pictures. The latest is her teaching the new cats how to get three on a couch. After Sallyrae passed on Nellie took over for a while as the massage dog and she was a lovely hostess though much more aloof than Sally. She brought joy and laughter into our house more than once with her mud covered "I didn't do it" look after her madcap adventures with woodchucks and the other dogs and the poor hapless creatures that inhabit our hillside. May your journey be smooth and the skies be clear dear girl. We will miss you so much and will never forget you little Fifinella.


  1. Debra: I am SO very sorry to read this. My huge condolences to you and Horst. There just aren't words that comfort in this situation, I know. XXX

  2. Thanks Martie! She was a good girl.

  3. The loss of a dog is a big hole... I hope she is smiling on the rest of your menagerie somewhere. I'm sorry she had to go.