Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Headed West

Headed to Sacramento in the morning to attend Master's Class in Bowenwork. Bowenwork is the kind of bodywork that I specialize in to help to pay bills and try to finance my weaving habit. Here are a few shots of my last trip there in 2008. It was so beautiful in Tahoe and really the area around the highway from Rocklin to Tahoe was gorgeous in it's own majestic big California way. Of course I had to get in a shot of the Tahoe airport up close and from a distance. It was a gorgeous day and a fantastic class. I probably won't make it to Tahoe this time, but I am happy that I got these shots the last time.


  1. It looks so beautiful !!!
    Have a great trip ...

  2. Just passing by, love your weaving work and photos, they are really colourful. I would like to come by and visit again soon so have added you to my list.