Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Weekend, New Projects on the Horizon

I am finally in a forward moving motivated place. The work of other fiber artists is so renewing to me. I get ideas and feel inspired just by seeing their creations and reading what they have to say.


  1. Hi,
    So very glad to hear ... I love day lilies and I love the wool in these photos (and was that a moonflower) ... I could only dream.
    Have a really great week!

  2. Hi, thought I would leave another note ... thank you for following my blog! I see that you are a pilot ... I have worked with ATC all my life, just about ready to retire a few years early. As well, I have been working away at my arts education/degree ~ and have always been taken with everything this side of my brain.
    Best wishes, Barbara

  3. Hi, here I am again !
    Thanks so much for your note ~ you are so right about finding other artist out there to motivate and inspire ~ even to imagine what their lives are like. I stopped by your Etsy shop ~ the feeling of New Mexico is very deep in your work and it shows that you are very true to it! It is beautiful ~ I am sure that weaving a rug would be way beyond me, although I am OK with painting and stitching.
    And yes, I am ready for a break one of these days soon ~ truly it has been an honour in a lot of ways. Flight is an amazing thing ... I have seen some miraculous things happen and some pretty horrible things happen ... but I am very sure you know that all too well.
    PS. It is nice to know your name!
    Take care,