Monday, October 19, 2009

Back At It Again

Things just really don't ever quite turn out the way you try to plan them to.  Take these pictures for instance..the shot with the Buddha is right in front of my office here in the "woods" and the iris is a confused iris that is blooming right here right now in October.  It is hardy and strong and smells divine.

This is the rug that has been on my loom almost too long now.  I have/had big ideas for it and I love the colors, but it is time to get ready for the December Art Sale Show and get the looper rugs back in gear.  This rug does not want me to finish and get on with it.  It keeps changing character, as do a lot of things in my life it seems.  Going with the flow is the hardest thing sometimes. I like to be ready and not too surprised by life theses days, but the tides keep on coming in  and I keep trying to ebb and flow with the rise and fall. 

1 comment:

  1. Your rug looks really good. Please post it when you cut it off!