Monday, August 29, 2011

New Things Fibonacci

NO, the cats aren't fibonacci. They have new cubes. The runner is the fibonacci experiment.

Datura, Angel's Trumpet, Etc...

My datura are very happy right now. They are blooming like crazy. There are many names for this beautiful plant, Angel's trumpet, Datura stramonium, known by the common names jimson weed, devil's trumpet, devil's weed,thorn apple, tolguacha, Jamestown weed, stinkweed,locoweed, pricklyburr, devil's cucumber, hell's bells, moonflower [1] and, in South Africa, malpitte and mad seeds, is a common weed in the Solanaceae (nightshade) family.
The plants smell like tobacco and produce a lovely flower. All parts of the plants are poisonous and have been known to cause death in extreme cases of overuse. Lovely to look at though. I hope they volunteer again next year.rumpet flower is often found in home gardens and is known for its distinct fragrance. Well I have purple datura and the white moonflower kind. They smell like tobacco and the flowers are beautiful. I had the white one volunteer this summer and I got the purple at a garden center near here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fresh Off the Loom!

The light and the textures make a real difference in how this runner is perceived. What at first seemed like 5 color blocks turned into much more as I wove. There really is a sense of "personality of it's own" with this yarn. I am especially fond of the curls in the natural part and the striations of natural color.

I am very happy with the way this runner turned out. The textures and colors are indicative of the different changes I see in the desert and mountains of New Mexico. To me the deep blues and purples represent the early evening shadow that one sees along the bottom of the sunsets out by the Rio Grande Gorge.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dog Days of summer they say. It has been over 100 degrees here where I live for at least the past six weeks. Yesterday was the first day of a break at 97. This morning early some rain finally came. All around the trees were dying or going dormant already and the grass was long past gone. As I stepped out the front door this morning everything looked as if it were drinking in the precious moisture.The morning glories held their heads up high and the datura were pristine in the light of a cloudy morning. They say more is on the way. I hope Fall is not too far behind... The new work on the loom reflects the seasonal changes coming. Transitional was the word when I was in another business a thousand years ago...